Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our New Aquarium: Post #7

More aquarium photos...

Here's Spike having a snack. Also see the feather-duster worms on the sand. The one immediately under Rebo is open, the one farther left is closed. Between them you'll see a white mound. That's a dead brain coral that we found on a beach in the Caribbean. The camera flash took away the shadows, so it's hard to see the ridges on it.

Angel's going through what my grandson calls "The Shrimp Wash":

This shrimp is busy on a mushroom:
This baby snail must have stowed away on one of the rocks we bought!
Another hitchhiker. This little guy on the glass is only 1/4-inch in diameter. He's some kind of starfish, and this is all the bigger he gets. We found several of these on some of the Fiji rock. In fact, those two light blobs behind him (one above, one below) on the rock are his cousins, I think.

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