Friday, February 20, 2009

Our New Aquarium: Post #4

February 20th was my husband's birthday, so guess what he got? Another fish! (Oh, you guessed it.) Our daughter Monica and her husband Chad took us to Planet Coral so he could pick one out. In the end, the guy at the store gave us the fish for free and said, "Happy Birthday." Way cool! So Monica's going to have to take Tim shopping again so she can actually buy him a fish.

The new guy is a Coral Beauty Angelfish. We haven't decided on a name for him yet, so we're calling him Angel for now. Isn't he pretty?I gave Tim a piece of live rock with plants growing from it. This is a really neat, bubbly kind of plant. It's actually a type of algae called caulerpa.
Turns out Spike likes to eat the caulerpa, and he's a pig, so I don't know how long the plant will last. But it looks pretty in the aquarium.

Somewhere along the way we had also picked up some coral. Here's a picture of one.

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