Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our New Aquarium: Post #2

The tank is clean! That means it's time for fish. Here again, you're supposed to start slow and add fish only gradually. We started with a couple hardy varieties: two small clownfish and a foxface.
We named the foxface Spike because when he's upset, he'll spike out his fins. Don't touch...they're venomous!Foxface are moody critters...they get upset easily. Not only do they spike their fins, they change color and find a place to hide and pout. Here's Spike during one of his moody times.

The original names we had given the clownfish were too multi-syllabic, so we decided to change them. Now we call them Rebo and Zootie. (Only B5 fans will understand the reference. Zoot! Zoot!)
We also added more live rock. At this point in the game, we have to make sure to buy rock that's already been cycled. Otherwise it'll put too much ammonia in the system while it's cycling...and that's bad.

The new live rock has mushrooms on it. Mushrooms are sort of like anemones...actually somewhere between anemones and coral. Here you can see the starfish making his way around the mushroom rock.

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