Sunday, September 13, 2009

What the Heck?

More misery in the fish tank. Spike II died. For no apparent reason. Yesterday he was fine, behaving normally, showing good color, and eating well. This morning he was dead. We just had our water tested at the fish store, and it showed we had excellent quality. The only change was the addition of this powerhead to create more current.
Fish are supposed to love this. Our clowns and chromies have been riding the wave from the beginning. They seem to enjoy it. Maybe Spike didn't.

Oh well, now we can hold out for a cute little baby Foxface, when the store gets one in.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fish are doing well, as you can see from these photos. We had to remove Dory from the main tank due to a bout with ich, but she recovered very nicely in the QT and seems to be enjoying herself. When we think she's ready to go back to the main tank, we're going to remove the Flame Angel for a time. He's the reason she got ich...he picked on her terribly.

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