Monday, July 20, 2009

Spike's Back!

Well, a new Spike, anyway. Here he is, our new Foxface. Unlike Spike I, this one doesn't have the black spot on his posterior. He's also taking longer to acclimate. He doesn't often show his brightest yellow.
As you can see, he didn't like the change. We've been seeing this side of him pretty often. Hopefully he'll feel more at home soon. At least he's eating plenty.

We also picked up three blue-green Chromis. There's only three in the tank...the others that you see are just the reflection. These are very hardy fish and very inexpensive. And they like to school, which is why we bought three. They're in the quarantine tank for now, more for Spike's sake than for theirs. The camera flash made them appear more green than the blue-green that they truly are.

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