Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red Starfish

Check out this strange phenomenon. Don't know what's happening to my red starfish. I'll have to ask my friends at The Seas forum.

ADDENDUM: Turns out no one at The Seas knew what was going on. One person thought the starfish was puking his guts out. That didn't seem to be it. It's been a week now and the little guy is doing just fine.


  1. Love your picture. Have no idea what's going on but I'm wondering if you've ever fed live clams or oysters to your starfish. Do you have any video footage? Would love to read and/or watch anything you've got. (Doing research for a new story...don't want to spoil the fun!)

    Thanks and God bless,
    Sean Rackley

  2. No video footage. Anything in particular you'd like to see? Watching starfish move is pretty boring.

    Never intentionally fed live clams or oysters to the starfish...but we did find two nassarius snail shells empty. Suspected that the sand-sifting starfish might have gotten to them. Been feeding all the inverts brine shrimp and frozen mysis ever since we lost all our fish due to ich. It's possible the starfish were hungry enough to go after the snails.

    Yeah, we had ich. I haven't been posting about the aquarium lately because I've been grieving. Spike and Rebo and Zootie and all the others...they're all gone. Several people in the local reefing community had bad cases of ich, and we weren't the only ones to lose all our fish.

    I'll post again soon, when we start getting new fish. Starting to get excited about that...our target date is Father's Day. That'll make it 10 weeks with no fish. We need that much time to make sure all the ich parasites die off. We might get a couple clowns earlier than Father's Day and put them in a quarantine tank.

    Nice hearing from you, Sean!