Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our New Aquarium: Post #10

We got a couple new critters today. We've had our eye on these fire shrimp, and this weekend Planet Coral had them marked way down. Must have gotten a big shipment of them. So we got two. They're a nice bright red with a few white dots. They're not as gregarious as the cleaner shrimp. They prefer to hide under rocks but will come out during feeding time. This one found a great rock to hide under, and we can still see him!
The aquarium inhabitants are checking out the newcomer.
We also got a red starfish. I guess today was "red" day. This guy will add some nice color to the place.
He didn't waste any time but started climbing around on the rock right off. That's especially good after that long acclimation time he had. The guy at the store warned us that this guy needs a long time to acclimate. He showed us how to set up a drip line and said to let it take a couple hours. So it was good to see him move around so much as soon as he got in the tank.

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