Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Phoenix: The Rebirth of Christian Fantasy

Are you a lover of Christian fantasy? Having difficulty in finding good Christian fantasy in the bookstores? Do you find yourself standing before the secular fantasy section after failing to locate any Christian fantasy books? You're not alone!

In the past, Christian fantasy has been the black sheep of the Christian fiction world. Despite the well-laid foundation for Christian fantasy—its cornerstone set by authors such as Lewis, Tolkien, and MacDonald and built upon by authors like Peretti and Lawhead—this creative venue has experienced a shunning within the Christian publishing community.

Yet there are scores of authors delving into this field, and many thousands of fans both within the Christian community and without. Due to the hard work and dedication of Christian fantasy lovers, I believe we will soon be seeing a rebirth of the genre. A debt of gratitude is owed especially to Jeff Gerke, who has developed what I think is the best Christian fantasy website in existence. You will find his site at the place Where the Map Ends.

I believe that in time, fantasy will prove to be the phoenix of the Christian fiction world.

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  1. Thank you for taking an interest in Christian fantasy. It's people like you who will make the genre succeed.